twenty three hundred miles of love
twenty three hundred miles of love
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I had way too much coffee today. #wideawake. On a side note, I just booked my 21st birthday trip to Atlanta. It might not be Las Vegas, but it’s where my heart is.♥#excited #longdistancerelationship
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Dyed my hair. Nothing crazy, just enough to match the ends match the roots a little better. #mediumblonde
1 week ago at 11:50 PM
I found my wedding dress today!  And Yes, I cried. #weddingdress #288moredays #longdistancewedding
Bought my wedding dress!!!

Wedding is coming along!

2 weeks ago at 10:53 PM
As always, my #mcm goes to wonderful my #fiancé!
Left; my fiancé, Sept 2014. Right; my boyfriend, Sept 2012. He’s in the same seat at the same froyo place in Atlanta, Georgia. #lovehim #missingmyman
2 weeks ago at 8:57 AM
Workin dat wedding venue stuff. #gotdistracted
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I’m standing where the lightning strikes I know this doesn’t happen twice You must be my once in a lifetime - Landon Austin